Human Security 100M Westcapsawersventurebeat

Human Security is a bot mitigation and fraud detection agency. It has raised $100M in a growth from funding led by WestCap. Nowadays, bots have become more sophisticated through the years. Bots nowadays are behaving more like people. And this behavior of bots can lead to click fraud. Bots automatically leverage the PPC ads to augment their revenue for a particular website. human security 100m westcapsawersventurebeat.

In case you don’t know, Human Security is the rebranded name of White Ops. It offers various products designed to protect applications, marketing budget, and advisements. To do so, Human Security relies extensively on Machine Learning and other threat intelligence strategies. Experts opine that many modern-day companies lose a sizeable amount of revenue to ad fraud each year. 100m partners aisawersventurebeat.

Therefore, Human Security has witnessed the doubling of its growth rate as companies face issues to counter automated attacks. The CEO of Human Security is of the view that bot problem has been troubling a large number of companies. Verifying that a website visitor is human can be crucial to the security of companies. human goldman 100m westcapsawersventurebeat.

He further added that Botnets have evolved as one of the most prolific modern attack tools. Human Security was established in 2012. It was acquired in 2020. The latest cash injection of Human Security will make it more versatile in combating threats emanating from bots. human sachs 100m westcapsawersventurebeat.