Londonbased Beacon 50M Series

londonbased beacon 50m series

To improve digital supply chains with visibility and intention, the UK-based supply chain & freight and platform maker uplifts $50M. The company‚Äôs cloud-based platform provides a freight forwarding solution around different modes integrated with a visibility platform that connects every stage of the supply chain. londonbased beacon 50m series. By doing so, Beacon aims to … Read more

Human Security 100M Westcapsawersventurebeat

human security 100m westcapsawersventurebeat

Human Security is a bot mitigation and fraud detection agency. It has raised $100M in a growth from funding led by WestCap. Nowadays, bots have become more sophisticated through the years. Bots nowadays are behaving more like people. And this behavior of bots can lead to click fraud. Bots automatically leverage the PPC ads to … Read more

Descript 30M Spark Capitallundentechcrunch

descript 30m spark capitallundentechcrunch

The prominence of online video and podcasts is a conspicuous sign of why audio and video technologies need to improve. To initiate a seamless approach to creating such platforms, Descript has announced to raise of $30M. descript 30m spark capitallundentechcrunch. The company creates tools that allow creators to audio & video files. They use natural … Read more